NaNoWriMo Begins and I Talk About Stuff

The blog layout has been updated, and I really like this background. I may actually keep it permanently... but I doubt it. Changing it is just too much fun, and I'm a bit schizophrenic when it comes to what I like. Oh, and I technically did post yesterday -- I did an "About Me" page (if you have any interest, you can check it out by clicking the "About" button at the top of the page). I know you don't care, but I rather enjoy being able to say I blog every day.

It is NaNoWriMo! The word count goal for day 2 is 3,334. I've written 3,517, which puts me just ahead of schedule. This is such an exciting way to write -- just spitting the words out. I feel like I'm accessing ideas I wouldn't have tapped into if I hadn't been writing a thousand words per hour (that's wph). So far, I have no idea what's happening. There was an elfish prophecy thing about a Darkness entering the estate. I know that Algie's going to go missing because of this "Darkness," but I have no idea why or how or even what this Darkness is. I wish elves would be more specific.
Algie is a total sweetie! It's strange, because my heroes are usually bounty hunters, gamblers, even assassins -- and now I have the nicest guy in the history of ever. He does make me rather happy. And, luckily, I do have Verena as my heroine -- she is, as I said before, a con artist. There are plenty of skeletons for me to pull out of her closet. Oh, and I realized that she is not Algie's love interest -- she has someone else. I'm not even sure Algie gets a love interest, but I am working on it. Then I have Chadwick. He's annoying -- that's all I have to say about him right now.

My Halloween costume was pretty much amazing -- but we did not get any good pictures. I am going to get all dressed up again probably sometime this week so I will have pictures to post. It's time to swap my blog picture.
I did wear my costume to the Young Women's Halloween party, but then I only stayed for a few minutes (I did get there an hour late because of Drama... and I don't think the party went very well...).
SOLAB!A's party was somewhat unexciting -- but in a nice sort of way. We all wore our costumes, and just hung out, ate pizza, and watched Watcher in the Woods -- and, of course, screamed all the way through the movie. The best is that the thing that made us scream the most was in a totally not scary part of the movie -- it was a pan view of a graveyard, and there was a WEEPING ANGEL STATUE!! It was truly horrifying.
Speaking of scary movies: my uncle and I watched The Blob. It was quite possibly the most boring scary movie in the history of ever. Thoroughly anti-climactic.
I also got addicted to the show Sherlock, which so far only has three episodes (mind, they are 80 minute episodes). The show is a modernization of Sherlock Holmes, and it is completely brilliant. No one -- not even Robert Downey, Jr., captured the character of Holmes as well as this show. And Watson is properly wonderful, which has never before been done in a Sherlock Holmes adaptation. I am a complete fangirl when it comes to the books, and I think this show does them credit.

I really should start wrapping this up -- I'm supposed to go take the GED tomorrow (which means waking up around 6:30 X_x). I slept through it last week, and therefore still have three tests to take. I think I may try taking all three tomorrow. Which does not sound delicious, but I've got to get them done.

I'm going to try and take this week slow. My plan is to start organizing my room -- in little pieces. Tomorrow is laundry day... which means now I have to post a video:

SOLAB!A this week is going to be really mellow as well. I think I'm done planning epic activities -- we never do what I plan anyways. So I'm going to try just chilling, and refocusing on why I started this group in the first place.
Mostly, this week is dedicated to NaNoWriMo. I'm going to win this year!

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creme brulee said...

*raise hand* umm... can I get some credit for making Algie nice, or does all the credit go to Love? (wait a sec...I created Love! so DO I get any credit?)

creme brulee said...

what is SOLAB!A? I'm a bit confused

The Hot Girl in the Comic Shop said...

SOLAB!A = The Society of Literacy and Bananas! Association ( It's my writing group.


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