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Is anyone still out there? I admit, I've been less than faithful about up-keeping this blog -- seeing as how my last post was... last November.... Now, instead of setting goals like "I'm going to post every Monday" or "I'll post soon," I'm just going to post whenever I feel like it. Nothing like setting ridiculously low goals for yourself to help you achieve them ^_^
A lot has happened between last year and now.
For starters, I'm doing a sort of "home school college." Ok, basically, I'm just working on studying whatever I feel like, since I decided against going to college. I haven't been doing my "classes" as well as I should, but I'm going to try to get back on tomorrow. My schedule looks like this:

Church Studies
English (which basically means posting here)
Free Study
For "Free Study," I switch off between math, science, history, and surfing the net for things that interest me (I use Khan Academy for most of those classes, I love it! I believe it is the future of education.) Oh, and vlogging. If you're interested (and even if you're not), here's my latest vlog:

Doom = squee!! Seriously.


Hehe... sorry, distracted.



As far as work goes, I have a few things in the offing.
On Saturday, we are shooting the first episode of Mom's Cooking Crisis -- an online competitive cooking show that my mother started. I'm hosting. It should be an... interesting project. I'm excited.
Also, I'm working to start up a food cart. It's going to be called The Green Burro (you can Like it on Facebook, and follow on twitter (@Green_Burro)!) I'm going to be selling green chili burros and bean burros. I think it will be good preparation for Frabjous Delights -- which is the project I'm really excited about.
Frabjous Delights is a project Canada and I came up with together on the LONG car-ride to Disneyland (epicly awesome trip, by the way). It is going to be a hot-cocoa shop, designed with artists in mind (ok, mainly writers, but actors, musicians, and painters as well). We'll serve baked awesomes (as apposed to baked goods), and have a super-chill atmosphere so people will want to come and just hang out. We're thinking of setting up in Provo. I'm super psyched!

It's October, which can only mean one thing (ok, that's a lie -- it means lots of things, like that autumn has officially arrived (in theory), and Halloween is coming, and it's almost Professor Flitwick's birthday... but bear with me) and that is: It's time to prepare for NaNoWriMo!!!
Ok, so I lost NaNo last year, and it was tragic, but I AM GOING TO WIN THIS YEAR! My story is super epic, and I'm really excited (though my main character is giving me a bit of difficulty -- he can't decide who he wants to be. It's driving me crazy.) I've still got plenty of time to prepare, and I'm trying to keep working on my current novel until NaNo starts.
My current novel is about a witch living in a magic community (I think in Massachusetts, but that may actually never be relevant to the plot). I'm excited about it, but it's moving super slow, and I'm a little on the stuck side, so I'll be grateful for NaNo to give me an excuse to take a break.
In SOLAB!A on Friday we all showed up as our main characters! It was SO much fun! ^_^ Canada and I discovered that our characters have actually been pen-pals for ages (which developed because we happened to be wearing the same ring... which is REALLY strange, considering that neither of us knew that the other had a ring like that... and what are the odds of your friend having the same ring as you anyway? Ok, hers is blue and mine is purple, but otherwise they're identical. WEIRD!) We played a ton of get-to-know-you games, and it was great. Alyssa's character is a 54 year old man... he fit in really well, considering that the rest of us were girls under 19. If only Andrea/Rikhart had been there -- he is a teenager, but at least he's a guy.
It was way fun -- except that Phyllida (my main character) decided she wanted to wear her hair ratted, since that's what witches do, and I only just got the tangles out today!
Our next SOLAB!A meeting I think we'll be talking about our NaNo novels (or what they are going to do if they're not doing NaNo). Our meetings will be pretty chill until November's over, because I'm not working on anything besides NaNoWriMo until then.
I'm WAY excited about it!

Halloween IS coming (actually before NaNo). I think I'm going to go as a witch this year... which isn't exceptionally geeky, but I've just felt in a witchy mood. And I think we need as many "hot" witches (meaning witches who don't have warts and humps and all that sort of thing) as we can get. I can't help but get frustrated at all the "ugly" witches. Some of us take that personally!

Oh! I just started participating in a tutoring program -- it's SO fun! Every Tuesday and Thursday I get to go read with a little girl, and work with her on her fluency and retention and that sort of thing. It's really great. She doesn't like reading, but I think I got her addicted to Peter Rabbit ^_^ I'm hoping to be able to help her realize that reading is awesome.
Public schools make me so mad, because they try to get kids to love reading, but then they give them boring books. The girl I'm with and I have already had four books -- and three of them were super dull and educational. There was one on the skeleton, one on bats, and one on the history of Hawaii. Topics that are interesting if you happen to want to learn about them, but not fun casual reading. It would have taken them ten seconds to ask this little girl what kind of books she was looking for. I did -- she wants comedies, with a bit of action in them. How hard is that? Grr.
Ok, I'm over it.

I should get to sleep if I'm going to be up at 6:30 to go tutor. I'm not making any promises that I'll post soon, but I will at least think about it ^_^

Yours, at least for now,
♥The Hot Girl in the Comic Shop

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
--Groucho Marx

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Gabi said...


Also, I TOTALLY REMEMBER DELTORA QUEST. I will finish raping the caps lock button now.

I found your blog through the nanowrimo site.
Also, you're a really good vlogger.
P.S. Hi. I'm Gabi. I always feel creepy commenting on random blogs. But whatever :P

aras said...

Ah, i remember the Deltora's quest series... I was so into that... Also the Grimm Sisters series. And no, i'm not stalking you XD I absolutly addore your novel idea blog, and got really bored today so i decided to check everything else out :D


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